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PansPandas-Hope Facebook page – an open community information page to get up to date information and updates on additions to this web page.

PansPandas-Hope Facebook page 

PANS/PANDAS/AE Facebook Groups

PANDAS Parents

Pandas Autoimmune Encephalitis Recovery

Autoimmune/NMDA Encephalitis


Home-Specific PANDAS/PANS Symptoms

Homeopathy for Autism, PANDAS/PANS, and Lyme Disease

PANS and PANDAS Awareness Support Group

PANDAS/PANS Parent Stress Relief Group

P.A.N.D.A.S. Autoimmune Disease Find a Cure Q&A

Mycoplasma PANS Parents

Parents of Children with PANDAS/PANS/Lyme/Tick-Borne Diseases

P.A.N.S. Overlap/Differential Diagnoses


Brain Inflamed

Brain Inflamed Podcast Chat – Facebook Group

Adult and Teen Groups (for Parents to discuss their Adult/Teen PANS/PANDAS Child)

Parents of Adult kids with PANDAS/ PANS

T.A.L.K. for Parents of PANS/PANDAS Teens or Young Adults

PANS/PANDAS  Personal Blogs

The Dreaming Panda Blog

The Dreaming Panda Facebook Group



Advocacy & Support Groups + Groups of specific locations

P.A.N.D.A.S Network

Pandas/Pans Australia and New Zealand – Advocacy and Support

Southeastern PANS/PANDAS Association

PANDAS/PANS Parents Australia & New Zealand

PANDAS/PANS Texas- Parents of kids with PANDAS/PITAND/PANS in Texas

PANS / PANDAS UK Support Group 

PANDAS/PANS Institute Run by Dr. Trifiletti


The PANDAS Project

IVIG PANS/PANDAS Facebook Groups

PANDAS Parents IVIG Information Sharing

PAN(DA)S IVIG Insurance Triumphs & Struggles

PANS/PANDAS Teen Only Group (group for teens only  to learn and grow with each other)

PANS/PANDAS Teens (group for teens only)

PANS/PANDAS Homeschooling Group

Homeschooling PANDAS

PANS/PANDAS Vaccine Information/Discussion Group

VAX Chat 4 P.A.N.D.A.S. Parents

Co-infection & Autoimmune Groups (non-PANS/PANDAS related)

Beating Bartonella

Babesia Buddies

Autoimmune Wellness