We are the parents of two children diagnosed with PANS/PANDAS/AE.   We’ve put together this site for friends, family, and YOU because on our journey for answers, we have come across invaluable information that we’d like to share and have available at your finger tips.

These are the sites that we have found useful and its our way of keeping track of the information while sharing it with others.

We can’t express this sincerely enough. We hope that you never need any of this information.  But if you do, we hope it helps you find answers, peace, and healing.

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  1. This is a marvelous start. PANDAS struck our family 25 years ago, pre-internet. We got lucky and our son got the right treatment. He’s now working as a nuclear engineer, but still bears the scars of years lost to illness. May the Force be with you!

  2. That is great to hear, Mary. We are slowly clawing our way through this mess. Live long and prosper 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this site I have 2 dealing with PANS for over 2 yrs now and while in treatment with Biaxin for micro plasma my younger one gets Streptococcus and added a whole new ballgame thrown right at us PLEASE REMEMBER FOR ALL THAT ARE ON ANTIBIOTICS STAY OUT OF THE SUN ☀️ CAN FRY THE BODY WORSENED BEHAVIOR

  4. Thank you, Amy. I am glad to hear that you are having success. I think that is something that someone stuck in the quagmire of PANS PANDAS needs to hear.

  5. Thank you for starting this! I would like to leave another book suggestion, if I may. Medical Medium by Anthony William. Doesn’t go into Pandas specifically however it discusses how viral load, especially Epstein- Barr, is the root of many diseases. This helped me understand how infections work and gave me lots of suggestions on how to use foods to heal. I look forward to visiting this website!

  6. Hello. I need to find out more about you n your son. My daughter had pandas at age 8/9. She is now 15 I feel she still has it as she goes In And out of horrible events of emotions which I belyare flare ups please tell me did he have this will a teenager what did you do what med how long did it last and any other info. Iin Desperate need of help. Thank you

  7. So happy to find out about this website… it is sorely needed (and looks cool too!) I am a PANDAS mom, 5 years in (son 8yo). Wondering what, if any, help y’all need with literature? Do you have easy access to academic journals? I do! If there are ever any articles you need to source, or just need somebody to keep track of new PANDAS/PANS-related research (I can set up notifications), please let me help! (I’m in clinical research and work in a university medical center). I would love to do what I can to support what you’re doing…

  8. Hi Carol,

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don’t know if we can post the actual articles on the blog, but links and PUBMED references would work – unless you have other suggestions.
    Feel free to post links here, or email me, gene@biologyclassroom.com, with ay ideas or suggestions.

    And thank you for appreciating what we have done so far. It has been cathartic for us to work on this, but it is amazing to hear that someone else found it relevant or useful.

    Take care.


  9. Wow Mary, I can relate. We also had pandas/pans to deal with pre internet. 20 years ago my son started his battle. Just graduated with a degree in chemical engineering. Resources like this are so advantageous. Thank you!

  10. Hi, I just wanted to highly recommend a book published 1/2018 that was really great, that I related to very much considering my now 17 year old. It is called Shadow Syndromes. Easy read, very informative, and it is worth a read, for sure.

  11. Hi My name is Michelle Counts. I recently started an Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Awareness page on FB. My daughter started suffering from chronic AIWS when she caught Mono from an older sibling. It was a nightmare our former ped brushed my daughter’s case off as psychiatric. Her neurologist believes she was suffering from AE. I also have a younger son with Autism, TS PANS. Thought there may be some overlap with AIWS AE, PANS

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